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Taranaki Tours Ltd
We are local people who know the 
activities, attractions and stories of Taranaki and will happily share them during our diverse range of sightseeing tours.

We believe in providing all of our passengers with a unique experience of Taranaki while not compromising safety and comfort.

We share insights into  traditional and contemporary Maori culture and allow our guests to see the world through maori eyes.

We share the Maori myths and legends of Aotearoa / New Zealand and give our guests an opportunity to learn the stories behind the Maori myths and legends.

Our tours will uncover all the surprises the province of Taranaki has to offer- stunning scenery, coastline diversity and mountain viewpoints.

Since 2004, our 'Around Mt. Taranaki Tour' has shared the stories of the Taranaki people and the Taranaki landscape with many wonderful guests from all over the world.

It is a great day out in Taranaki for visitors who want to see and discover as much about Taranaki as is possible in one day. And, if you are travelling by yourself we will even go on tour with one person.

From the mountain to the sea, we will provide historical, scenic and Maori cultural information as you engage in a landscape that, within 30 minutes drive from the sea, rises to over 2500 metres.

We will introduce you to some of our favourite restaurants and cafes while on tour. With emphasis on local produce, enjoy a complimentary pick of the menu and refreshments on offer.

This is our signature tour which we aim to provide you with the best day out in New Zealand so come along:0)

Maori Tales and History
  • How Mt Taranaki came to reside in our region.
  • The Maori version of the world's creation.
  • The many Atua / Gods that preside over the environmental domains.
  • How the islands of Aotearoa / New Zealand received their Maori names, Te Ika a Maui, Te Waipounamu and Rakiura.
  • The spiritual significance of Mt Taranaki to Maori.
  • The significant periods in Taranaki history.
  • The Maori settlement in Taranaki.
  • The British settlement of Taranaki.
  • The people of Taranaki today.